War of the Wings
October 15-19, 2014 at Elchenburg Castle
Boonville, North Carolina
Welcome to the official War of the Wings website, an event held by the Barony of Sacred Stone (a chapter of the Society for Creative Anachronism) and one of the larger events held in the Kingdom of Atlantia.

War! Constant War and strife and FUN! Sir Bryce de Byram and his gathered army will press his claim to profits from the lands in Sacred Stone! Goodness knows what's going to happen but, for anyone who knows the players, you know it's going to be FUN!

Martial Activities: Heavy & Rapier melees & tournaments, Archery, Thrown Weapons, Equestrian activities. Lysts and ranges open on Thursday.

Cultural Activities: A&S competitions, classes, exhibitions, and performances will begin on Thursday. There will be a Welcome Social, a Hafla, a Masque and Lord Only Knows WHAT ELSE! We have a very full schedule.

~~~ Regarding Minors ~~~
Don't make us turn away your minor event attendee at the gate! Please bring a properly notarized
Minor Medical Authorization form
if you are bringing a minor of whom you are not a legal guardian. One copy should be left with the Gate and another in the care of the responsible adult.

The Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA) is an educational, non-profit organization dedicated to the recreation of historical life from 600A.D. to 1650A.D. and has charters all over the world. If you would like more information or to find a group near you, please visit http://sca.org.