A&S Classes

There will be no electronic class pre-registrations. Unless a teacher has requested notification prior to the event, registrations will be on a first come basis, the day prior to the class schedule time. Please look for the A&S sandwich boards for more information, or stop by the A&S information tent.

A Period Shirt - (From Simple Rectangles) - Lucrezia sarta di Napoli
How Simple Rectangles Can Improve and Enhance Your Wardrobe Inexpensively. If you can make a rectangle and sew a straight seam, YOU can make this shirt! Materials: Thread (color to match your fabric); Fabric: Linen, Cotton, Muslin, Cheap $1 a yard for pattern (your choice), an old sheet for a pattern; Scissors; Tape measure; Pencil. Yardage: This depends on whether you are making a dress or a shirt or if you are small or large. I am small and for a small shirt I purchased 2.25 yards of 54 inch wide fabric (an old flat sheet would work too.).

A Rosary by Any Other Name: A History of Paternosters - Editha filia Rolandi
Come hear about the history of Paternosters (the period name for the Rosary) and learn how to make your own. Optional wooden bead kits are available for $5.

Advanced Viking Wire Weaving - Baroness Arnbjorg Karlsdottir
Students will learn Double and triple weave in addition we will talk about different ways to use these techniques to create pieces. Students must know single wire weaving.

Angora Rabbits aka Silk Hares (cancelled) - Sorcha inghean Shearraigh
Angora bunnies: are they period or not? We will cover a brief history, their purpose, and how to groom them. Those who bring a spinning wheel or drop spindle can also try their hand at spinning angora yarn.

Basic Applique - Lady Hildegard Bergerin
Introduction to the basic technique of hand appliqué, a method of decoration in which pieces of fabric are applied to other pieces of fabric as decoration. Brief overview of Period appliqué will be followed by a hands on learning opportunity. Prerequisite: Basic hand sewing skills.

Beads of the Medieval Period: a Primer - Sheque du Chevron
After painting our bodies with pigments in interesting patterns it is likely that beads were the next step in the evolution of human adornment. We will take a brief tour of the Knowne Worlde, in our period of interest, and explore the materials used to make the beads, methods of manufacture and the areas in which these fascinating objects were worn and traded in as much depth as possible in one hour. Original beads, manufactured in the period, will be available for examination and enjoyment. Please feel free to bring your own beads for identification. (I'll do my best for you!)

Beginning Shoemaking - Kateren le Wolfhonte
How to draft patterns, select materials and stitching methods for making shoes and boots.

Beginning Viking Wire Weaving - Baroness Arnbjorg Karlsdottir
Students will learn the basic single weave technique of wire weaving. How to start and finish a piece.

Blackwork (& other counted thread) Embroidery - Geoffrey d'Ayr
Basic counted thread styles of embroidery, Cross-stitch, Blackwork, Assisi Work, German Brick Stitch.

Brocade on Tablet Woven Bands: Usage, Techniques, and Materials - Ellisif Gydasdottir
Ooo, that's sparkly! Adding brocade to tablet woven bands is a practice dating back as far as the 6th century that was still very much in use in the 16th century. We'll review the types of materials used on historical bands, and then move on to techniques and materials available today. There will also be a review of common challenges as well as time for Q&A.

Building a Coiled Basket - Annora Hall
Come learn how to build a coiled basket. $7.00 materials fee

Circle Dance: Middle Eastern Combos for Kids and Beginner dancers - Rajni
I will teach a short (2 minute) choreography adapted form original choreogrphy by Kawakib. This dance is suitable to all ages and levels. You take the combos you learn and create your own dances as well. We will be dancing to Ayub, a popular Middle Eastern rythm.

Cued Middle Eastern Improv, Folkloric Style (cancelled) - Atesh aka Atikah al Isfahaniyyah
Learn three slow, three fast combinations of Tribal Odyssey Bellydance "lead-and-follow" format, based on Egyptian folkloric style that feels authentic in a reenactment atmosphere. PDF notes provided online. Finger cymbals optional; these will also be taught in a separate class in Atesh’s camp, Ordu Gal.

Dances for the Yorkist and Lancastrian - Stefan of Cambion
We will go through dances from the mid/late 1400s that the Yorkists and Lancastrians would have known, i.e. 15c Italian and Basse dances

Fantastic Fans - Dianora di Cellini
Discussion of fans, their types and history. Hands on construction of a flag fan (usually finished after the class) in white or red. The class has a cost of five dollars for the fan kit, and there will be 10 kits available. Observers are welcome.

Geometric Heraldry Charges for Scribes - Geffrei Maudeleyne
This is an intro course on the lines and geometric shapes used for heraldry from a Scribe’s point of view.

Goats 101 - Lady Dorothea del Medue
What can goats do for you? How can you take care of your goats? This class will give you an overview of popular goat breeds and their purposes as well as what they need to be happy and healthy.

Heraldry Animal Posture for Scribes - Seraphina Delphino
A review of different animal postures used in heraldry.

Hops and Yeast in Beer - Alain ap Daffyd
A survey of how hops and yeast impact the flavor of beer.

Hot Process Soapmaking - Amye Barrington
This class will focus on the differences between modern and period soap making with an emphasis on hot process. Students will have a bar to take home by the end of class. $10.00 materials fee

Introduction to Bobbin Lacemaking - Dianora di Cellini
An introduction to the basics of making bobbin lace using period patterns. The cost for the class is $10 for the Bobbins and pillow. Students are welcome to try it out during the class and if it’s not something they think they’ll continue with, they do not have to buy and take the kit. Class limit is six students. Observers are welcome.

Introduction to Brewing Beer - Alain ap Daffyd
How to brew in your home kitchen. A discussion and demonstration of extract, or kit, brewing.

Introduction to Commedia dell'Arte - Alfarinn Valison
Introduction to Commedia, 16th century Italian improvised comedy theater

Introduction to Mead Making - Alain ap Daffyd
How to make mead at home.

Introduction to Needle Lace - Vadoma and Mistress Grace Gamble
This two-day class will provide an introduction to Italian needle lace as well as some hands-on experience creating a single motif. Students should go home with a basic understanding of the mechanics of this style of lace. $5.00 materials fee

Iron Commedia Improv - Alfarinn Valison
Come spend an afternoon getting acquainted with commedia dell'Arte, a form of improvisational theater from 16th century Italy. We will collectively write the outline for a short skit, rehearse it, and then perform together bringing laughter to the masses! No experience required. Learn about commedia at https://earlycommedia.com/

Jingling Johnny - A Turkish Rythm Instrument - Rajni
This class will allow children to learn about and make a simple Jingling Johnny, or Turkish Crescent. These intruments were used by Janissaries in their marching bands.

Keeping the Harvest (cancelled) - Mistress Lorelei Greenleafe
Learn about medieval food preservation techniques and how medieval people managed without the convenience of a local grocery store. We'll have some practical hands on experience with making sauerkraut. $2.00 materials fee

Knife Making for Teens - Seth Kuehn
From 11am to 3pm Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, SIX (6) students can make their own knife. The entire project will take 4-8 hours, and includes some metalwork, woodwork, and leatherwork. Not electricity or power tools will be used. The shop will be a DROP-IN style, meaning there are NO set class times. Students will have to structure their own time and show up to work between 11 and 3 each day. I will only teach 6, and I will only teach people aged 13-17. All work will occur at Good Brian’s (near Sacred Stone). The cost for each student is $35, and each student WILL finish (if they show up and work…just like real life). Contact Lord Seth Kuehn (828.399.0518) for more information. Seats are secured upon payment.

Less Done Moderate Gresley Dances - Evelynne Merrymet
We will work on 4 or 5 Gresley dances that are not yet commonly done in the SCA This is the Ealdermere version of the Gresley reconstruction.

Making Cheese Over an Open Fire - Annora Hall
We will make a farmer’s cheese and a pressed cheese over an open fire.

Market Basket - Patricia Matthis
Market Basket - 8"high( 12" with handle) by 11" long x 9" wide. $30.00 materials fee

Medieval Monsters: Beowulf and Beyond - Gwenhwyfar Weale
The story of Beowulf, with a focus on the monsters, taught specifically for the SCA as it applies to the Dream. There is fighting, flyting, mead, and of course, monsters!

Medieval Monsters: The Icelandic Sagas - Gwenhwyfar Weale
Trusted allies may not be trusted. There are monsters rolling in the deep. These are the things of the Icelandic Sagas. This lecture will focus on the humor, the danger, and the stories of the Icelandic Sagas.

Oh, I Could Never Do That! - Panel Discussion
Come and hear from people who once had a thing that they thought they could NEVER do, yet, now they are accomplished at that very thing!

Online Resources for the Independent Researcher - Alisandre de la Chapelle
Resources, tips and tricks for doing research online when you don't have access to a university library.

Open Fire Cooking - Annora Hall
Come learn how to cook over an open fire. Several examples will be reviewed (pan, pot, and ember cooking) and samples of these cooking techniques will be available.

Open Scriptorium - Geffrei Maudeleyne
Thiis a come and go as you please, scribal playtime. Young children accompanied by a parent are welcome, teens welcome, adults are welcome. All skill levels are welcome. Those without a skil level are welcome. Bring any work in progress scroll you would want. Bring any painting tools or supplies you want. Come empty handed if you want. Things to paint and do calligraphy on will be available. Brushes, supplies, and such will be available. If you bring your own chair it needs to be tall enough to sit at a normal sized table. A writing slope or painting easel is encouraged, but not required. It is mostly for convience and it really helps calligraphy and is more ergonomic. Answers will be sought for any questions that you might have. Demos of Calligraphy or Illumination will happen on request.

Oscar for Scribes - Seraphina Delphino
How scribes can use Oscar to help find heraldry for scrolls.

Period All-Grain Brewing - Alain ap Daffyd
Brewing a period ale (three, actually), using as close to period techniques as possible.

Period Cosmetics (Make-and-take) - Lady Rinn
Come to Ordu Gal, make period cosmetics and leave with the fruits of your labor! Create Rose Powder and Megalion oil perfume over the fire with Lady Rinn. Limited to 10 Adults. Cost for the Period cosmetics class is $10.00. Please contact Lady Altani, (write.altani@gmail.com) to sign up for any classes in the camp.

Period Pigments Scriptorium - Geffrei Maudeleyne
Similar to the Open Scriptorium except that we will be using non-toxic colors in general. If you want to bring pigments from home that is fine. Note, however, that pigments derived from stone like Lapis, Azurite, Malachite, and Orpiment require much more processing time than is available. Again, you may bring what you will from home, or use my supplies and projects. Parents: children as young may participate if you are with them. The paints we will be using are essentially dirt, or baked dirt in a gum arabic medium. No experience in painting with period pigments is necessary. I will be giving a brief how-to class at noon and demos as needed through out the time.

Period Smelt - Sir Marc d'Aubigny
Period smelt to take place in front of the farm house. Come see how rocks were turned into metal in period.

Qigong Flow - Jackie Pierson
"Qigong Flow is a blend of music and cueing that combines traditional Tai Chi, Qigong, and meditation. It is fun and accessible to all types of people and helps with balance, strength, and mindfulness. Teacher’s bio: I have been studying Tai Chi and Qigong for three years, and have led classes in Taijifit Flow, and Tai Chi Easy. I have a earned a Basic Instructor Training Certificate in Taijifit, and I have almost completed the next level which covers traditional Tai Chi forms. I have a Practice Leader Certificate in Tai Chi Easy. I have studied with local teachers, attended training workshops, and read books. I have also done on-line study that includes recorded classes and video conferencing."

Socks! - Ava Trudine of Tregoenning
This is an overview history of socks. It is composed of lecture and hands-on construction. Students should be familiar with basic knitting techniques and be able to easily work with multiple knitting needles. This is NOT a how-to-knit class. Handout and patterns will be supplied.
Students should bring sock or fingering weight yarn, appropriate dp needles and a crochet hook to correspond to yarn. Also bring knitting accessories (stitch markers, ruler or tape measure, row counter, etc.)

Throwing Axe Sheath Making - Seth Kuehn
Throwing Axe Sheaths - Make your own sheaths for a set of three throwing axes. These are simple sheaths that will take about an hour to complete. This is a great introductory leatherworking class! Class cost $60-$90 per student, but INCLUDES THREE (3) Steel Throwing Axes with Hickory Handles per student. Price varies based on what size axes you want. (small, large, and huge- while supplies last!) No more than 5 students per day, Thursday, Friday and Saturday, 11am-4pm at Good Brian’s near Sacred Stone. Contact Lord Seth Kuehn (828.399.0518) for more information. Class slots are secured upon payment.

Turko-Persian Dance - Lady Kharajin of Turku
For the rote beginner to the intermediate belly dancer that would like to learn traditional movements that work in full period clothing. Please come in garb, rather than exercise wear.


10am-4pm Open Scriptorium Scribal Tent
11am-3pm Knife Making for Teens Good Brian's
11am-4pm Throwing Axe Sheath Making Good Brian's
1-4pm Introduction to Mead Making Ag Village
9-10:30am Jingling Johnny Castle
9am-12pm Beginning Viking Wire Weaving Vingolf (1)
9am-12pm Online Resources for the Independent Researcher Vingolf (2)
9am-12pm A Rosary by Any Other Name Vingolf (3)
9am-4pm Period Smelt Farmhouse
9:30-10:30am Qigong Flow Camp Ordu Gal
10-11am Hops and Yeast in Beer Ag Village
10-11am Open Fire Cooking Ag Village
10am-12pm Geometric Heraldry Charges for Scribes Scribal Tent
10am-12pm Mead Demo for Beginners Camp Barra
10:30am-12pm Turko-Persian Dance Castle
10:30am-4pm Introduction to Needle Lace Teacher's Shade
11am-3pm Knife Making for Teens Good Brian's
11am-12pm Angora Rabbits aka Silk Hares Ag Village
11am-1pm Making Cheese on an Open Fire Ag Village
11am-4pm Throwing Axe Sheath Making Good Brian's
1-2pm Introduction to Brewing Beer Ag Village
1-2:30pm Dances for the Yorkist and Lancastrian Castle
1-2:30pm Advanced Viking Wire Weaving Vingolf (1)
1-2:30pm Basic Applique Vingolf (2)
1-2:30pm Beads of the Medieval Period: a Primer. Vingolf (3)
1-2:30pm Heraldry Animal Posture for Scribes Scribal Tent
1-3pm Building a Coiled Basket Ag Village
1-3pm Period Cosmetics (Make-and-take)  Camp Ordu Gal
2-3pm Keeping the Harvest Ag Village
2-4pm The Cancionero Workshop (Part 1) A&S Pavilion
2:30-4pm Less Done Moderate Gresley Dances Castle
2:30-4pm Blackwork (& other counted thread) Embroidery Vingolf (2)
2:30-4pm Fantastic Fans Vingolf (3)
2:30-4pm Oscar for Scribes Scribal Tent
3-4pm Goats 101 Ag Village
9-10:30am Circle Dance: Middle Eastern Combos Castle
9-10:30am Medieval Monsters: Beowulf and Beyond Vingolf (1)
9-10:30am Brocade on Tablet Woven Bands Vingolf (2)
9-4pm Market Basket Outside of Vingolf
9am-12pm Socks! Vingolf (3)
10am-1pm Hot Process Soapmaking Ag Village
10-11am Open Fire Cooking Ag Village
10am-4pm Introduction to Needle Lace Teacher's Shade
10:30am-12pm Cued Middle Eastern Improv, Folkloric Style Castle
10:30am-12pm Medieval Monsters: The Icelandic Sagas Vingolf (1)
10:30am-12pm Introduction to Commedia dell'Arte Vingolf (2)
11am-1pm Building a Coiled Basket Ag Village
11am-3pm Knife Making for Teens Good Brian's
12-2:30pm Period Pigments Scriptorium Scribal Tent
1-2:30pm Oh, I Could Never Do That! Vingolf (2)
1-3pm Period All-Grain Brewing Ag Village
1-3pm Gender and Sexuality in the SCA Courtesan Tent
1-4pm Introduction to Bobbin Lacemaking Vingolf (1)
1-4pm Beginning Shoemaking Vingolf (3)
1-4pm Iron Commedia Improv Castle
2-4pm Making Cheese on an Open Fire Ag Village
2-4pm The Cancionero Workshop (Part 2) A&S Pavilion
2:30-4pm A Period Shirt Vingolf (2)