A&S Competitions and Displays

Competitions will occur on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. Documentation is strongly suggested. There is an EZ-Doc format for your convenience if you need a starting point. Please bring all entries to the Artists’ Village’s Competition Pavilion between 10:00 and 12:00 during the day of the competition. All entries must be collected no later than 4:00 the afternoon of the competition. Our Artists’ Village is open to the populace and we will not be able to secure any entries left in the competition space after 4:00 pm.

If you are interested in sponsoring a competition, please contact Mistress Hrefna about current opportunities.



This year we will have a display theme each day, and invite you to join us in celebrating the work that creates such amazing art.

Thursday: Document it!

Documentation is often mentioned as a stumbling block for those interested in competing or displaying Arts and Sciences. This open display is focused on documentation for all areas of Arts & Sciences in the SCA. Please bring your items and display the documentation prominently. In addition, there will be sheet available (and attached below) for you to include as a “what I like, what I don’t, and what I learned” during this documentation process.

Friday: Crossing Cultures

Chose two pieces with a unifying element from different times and/or places and display them together! Some examples may be a Roman hair piece and a 15th century English one, a Viking tablet woven band and a 16th century Italian one, a scroll inspired by Chinese art and one inspired by German art, etc. Please include documentation noting the unifying element. A sample form is attached below.

Saturday: Celebrating the Journey

Each artisan began somewhere, and those first attempts to learn a new skill are a wonderful opportunity to celebrate your growth as well as inspire newcomers. Please display one of your first works in a skill or science along with a recent work. If you would like to include in between pieces, please do so! A sample “how did I grow” form is attached below for use.


Garb Challenge

For all you garb fanatic seamsters of Atlantia, may your creative juices flow for War of the Wing’s 2018 Garb and Subtlety Challenge. This year’s theme - Doctor Whoverse!

What we will be looking for:

Medieval garb interpretation of anything Doctor Whoverse (a doctor, a companion, any character or object from any wibbly wobbly, timey wimey Doctor Timeline).
Subtlety Challenge - a food or decoration made from one thing but, made to look like another. There are lots of Whoverse objects to pull from here.

There is no limit to the time period or culture, as long it is within the scope of the SCA. Both men, women and kids are encouraged to participate. You can enter one or both challenges. You can win, however, only one challenge. Gifts will be awarded to the winners in gratitude for your endeavors to mashup two great and wonderful things - Medieval Reenactment and Doctor Who, of course!

The categories are as follows:

OVERALL ~ The overall “winner” is the individual that is having obvious fun with the challenge: they made their own garb, the garb is period appropriate, and the garb is unique and creative in design.
MOST UNIQUE GARB ~ The individual that has the most unique and creative garb: they are not required to have made their garb themselves.
MOST PERIOD GARB ~ The individual that has the most period appropriate garb: they are not required to have made their garb themselves. Documentation is encouraged for this category but not required. Extra points are possible for documentation.
BEST GROUP/COUPLE ~ Two or more people who have the best garb combination: they are not required to have made their garb themselves.

I hope to see lots of entries this year. The challenge will be held most likely mid-day Saturday and awards will be announced later at afternoon court - so please wear and showcase your fabulous creations for all of Atlantia to see!

Please email questions/concerns about the challenge to suzzsunshine11@gmail.com.

Allons-y & Geronimo!
Una Gylðir


New Brewer's competition

Sponsored by The Royal Brewer, Lord Alain ap Daffyd

If you've been brewing for less than two years, and have never one a brewing competition, this is your place. Documentation not required, but encouraged, and counts toward score

Inter-baronial Brewing Challenge (War Point)

Sponsored by Bacchus (err... ummm... Lord Alain)

Any number of brewers, but only one entry per Barony in each category - Beer, wine, mead, and cordials. Each Barony must enter as a team. Documentation required.

War of the Roses - Scribal Backlog Competition (War Point)

Sponsored by The Scriptorum at Sacred Stone

The Scriptorum at Sacred Stone (SASS) is hosting a backlog scribal competition to highlight both use of roses & flowers in scribal works, but also to encourage use of period pigments. Documentation encouraged. Use your best period pigments in a depiction of floral motifs in a scroll. Obtain baclock assignments from Mistress Martell. Prize provided by the Scriptorum at Sacred Stone.

Look what I grew

Sponsored by Mistress Lorelei and Lady Dorothea

Show us your period project whether it be animal, vegetable or mineral. This is open to period plants and their byproducts, period breed animals and their byproducts and other agriculturally related projects. Drop your entry off by 9:30AM Saturday and pick it up by 3:30PM Saturday. You are also welcome to come by and display on Friday as well. Prizes will be awarded for both youth and adult entries. Documentation preferred but not required. If you have additional questions, please contact Mistress Lorelei Greenleafe and/or Lady Dorothea del Medue.

Needlework Roses (War Point)

Sponsored by the Needleworkers of Atlantia

As the theme of War of the Wings XIII is the "War of the Roses", please produce the Tudor/Lancaster Rose or the House of York Rose in one of Five Historical Stitches (Stem, Split, Chain, Surface Couching and Satin). Documentation of the chosen stitch is beneficial. There will be a category for Novice Embroiderer and Master Embroiderer with the prizes sponsored by the Needleworkers of Atlantia. Additionally, there will be a separate prize offered for the best use of beads as a embellishment of the Tudor/Lancaster Rose - either Novice or Master.
This award is sponsored by the Lady Adair of Makyswell, Kingdom Needlework Deputy. Please contact Lady Adair with any questions.

Science Fair

Sponsored by Lord Cameron deGrey

Come one come all to a good ol' fashion' Science Faire right here at War of the Wings! Whether you see yourself as the tinkering child gazing at the trees with rope in hand, wearing Da Vinci wings, or creating a cascading al-Jazari water wheel, come join us all and show your prowess at alchemy, invention, and magic (science)!

Join us in the Science Faire tent Friday 11:30am - 1:30am for a demo on the mechanics from the time and mind of Al-Jazari. Bring your projects and questions you may have about the competition or format. Space will be set up on Saturday at the Science Faire tent and should be set up by 11am (drop off can start at 10-10:30am). Judging is scheduled to close about 3pm tentatively.

Please register for a space, and include a description of what your project will be. Some concessions can be made regarding space. We will be out of the weather but you should still plan for any occasion!

This will be a judged competition. Criteria subject to change. But there may be points for 'Wowwing' the crowd! Please bring your wonderful ideas, contraptions, science, and inventive genius. Show the rest of the known world what you have to offer!