War of the Wings XII: The Warlord's War

The Kingdom Warlords shall select two generals, and The Kingdom shall be divided into its wings : East (White) versus the West (blue). The Warlords will work with the discipline marshals to develop the fighting scenarios and generals will work to develop their armies.

The Generals need to understand that to win the war they must also win some of the A&S war points and work with the Baronage within their wing of the Kingdom to select appropriate A&S champions.

At WoW, the War Lords and Their Majesties would look at both sides and ensure that the sides are even and visitors to the kingdom are allocated to each wing equitably. The goal here is to ensure fun for everyone, and to help train Atlantia to work together as units.

Thanks to His Majesty Cuan, Duke Anton, Duchess Luned, Count Christoph, Countess Adelhait and several others for helping formulate the idea with a goal to having a template for future wars to follow.

Proposed War Points (25 in total):

  • Armored – 5 War Points
  • Rapier – 5 War Points
  • Combat Archery/Siege – 1 War Point
  • Youth Combat – 1 War Point
  • Equestrian – 3 War Points
  • Archery – 2 War Points
  • Youth Archery – 1 War Point
  • Thrown Weapons – 1 War Point
  • Bardic A&S – 1 War Point
  • Heraldic Procession – 1 War Point
  • Heraldic Presence - 1 War Point

Blue (West)

  • Highland Forde
  • Roxbury Mill
  • Black Diamond
  • Isenfir
  • Ponte Alto
  • Stierbach
  • Hawkwood
  • Sacred Stone
  • Notinghill Coil
  • Border Vale Keep

White (East)

  • Bright Hills
  • Dun Carraig
  • Lochmere
  • Spiaggia Levantina
  • Storvik
  • Caer Maer
  • Marinus
  • Tir-Y-Don
  • Ravens Cove
  • Seareach
  • Windmasters’ Hill
  • Hidden Mountain

Anyone interested in being part of the staff and learning how to run various bits of an event, please contact the Staff.

SITE: Elchenburg Castle 2239 Center Road, Boonville, NC 27011. Site opens Wednesday 12pm, closes Sunday 3pm. For more information on site rules and restrictions, click here.

Online MoL Sign-in
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Newcomer Activities at War of the Wings

If you have questions during the event, you can go to one of these two locations or stop one of our wandering assistants and we will be happy to help you. Any person wearing a blue and white ribbon (picture to be provided soon) will be happy to speak with you. If you will need loaner gear at the event or if you have questions about the SCA or newcomer activities at War of the Wings, please feel free to contact Mistress Kisaiya Zingara (Dawn Davis).

Welcome Station: NearVingolf will be a Gold-Key table where we will provide loaner gear (clothing, mugs, etc.), basic info on the SCA, and a schedule of Newcomer related classes and activities.

Hospitality Tent: On the field, there will also be a Chatelaine tent where Newcomers may sit and watch the fighting, ask questions, take a class, or just have a drink and a snack.

Tours: Take a tour around the site and learn about the heraldry you see, the activities happening, and the people wandering around you.

SCAvenger hunt: The theme is Battle! Opposing teams will wander the site and complete challenges to see who can win the day!