Come to War Prepared!

Merchants are considered a valuable asset of War of the Wings. Our Marketplace is unequaled in Atlantia. As the event has grown, so has the number of merchants who’ve attended. In order to ensure the populace has the best variety of goods available and that the merchants have the best opportunities to ply their trade profitably, applications will be juried. A three-person panel will determine who will merchant at WOW based on appearance, merchandise, ability to follow rules/directions and previous interactions with the event.


It is important for merchants who wish to set up at WoW to read and follow the timeline and procedure laid out here. Due to space constraints, no one will be allowed to show up the day of the event to merchant.

Contact Lord Egill Gullbjarnarson at for information.

Thank you for your interest and your continued support of this event.

Merchant application schedule.

  1. Applications will be accepted beginning May 1st.
    Click here for the Merchant Application.
  2. Applications must be received no later than June 30th.
  3. Acceptance emails will go out on July 15th.
  4. Merchants must pre-register both site fee and merchant fees before September 1st.


Merchant Application and Jury Process

Once you are accepted, you MUST PRINT OUT THE FORM and mail in your merchant fee and pre registration (or proof of pre registration). Not printing out the form just makes it harder on the all-volunteer staff to track down who sent what.


Fees & License Requirement

  1. The site requires a valid NC tax license or vender's license to sell at War of the Wings. The license is not needed to apply but will be required before any tent is put up in the merchant area.
  2. There will be a $1 per linear foot of frontage space up to 20 feet (not including ropes). Merchants needing more than 20 feet of frontage will be charged $5 per additional foot. Merchant fees are spent on the Marketplace and to promote the Merchants; torches, propane, Merchant Meander, merchant book and the Mobility Cart
  3. Merchant fees are non-refundable.
  4. Merchants must pre-register both site fee and merchant fees before September 1st.

Jury Standards
Applicants will be judged, in part, on the following criteria. Our only goal is to have a full and well-balanced Marketplace that is relevant to the purpose and atmosphere of the event.

  1. In keeping with the theme of the event, we will be giving preference to period pavilions. Merchants must set up under a tent. Modern day shades (pop-ups/EZ ups) will be required to be covered with fabric or canvas. No nylon, plastic or original covers. All tents are required to be staked down to prevent being blown over in high wind damaging property or people.
  2. Merchandise being sold at WoW MUST be legal. We ask that it be period to the SCA time period and uses.
  3. War of the Wings has grown to be more than just a weekend event. As such part of the jury process will include your arrival time and when you plan on opening. Those merchants planning to arrive and open earlier in the week will be given preference.
  4. All merchants must be on site and checked in by 8 pm Thursday evening or you will not be permitted to set up unless prior arrangements have been made.
  5. All merchants must be set up and OPEN by Friday 10:30 am.

Marketplace Living

  1. Camping behind your merchant tent will be permitted as long as the total depth is no more than 30 feet deep (combine your merchant tent depth with the depth of your camping tent).
  2. All vehicles must be parked in the parking lot prior to opening and selling. For those that have mobility issues, part of the merchant fee funds a golf cart. Contact staff for mobility assistance.
  3. The utility cart will come through merchants to do a garbage run each day about 2 PM.
  4. Water and electricity are not available in the merchant area but a charging station is.