Event Registration

Online Registration

Online registration is now available through PayPal! To register online, please click here.

 Pre-Registered At Gate
Adult, Member $24 $29
Adult Non-Member $29 $34
Youth Age 6 to 17 $12 $12
Child Age 0 to 5$0 $0

The Family Cap for Members is $72. The Non-Member Family Cap is $82.

Make Checks Payable To: SCA, Inc., Kingdom of Atlantia or register via PayPal. All attendees with RVs MUST pre-register. No RVs will be allowed on-site without pre-registration.

Land Reservation

From the desk of the Land Steward

Children 0-4 do not receive land allotments. Youth 5-17 and Adults recieve a 250 sq ft allotment of land.

Ground fires are not permitted in the designated "no driving" areas (i.e., the merchants / A&S block and the central area of the Golden Honey block).

Click here to view the Event Road Map.

Reserving Space

The deadline for land reservations is September 15!

RV Campers must reserve space in RV Camping unless they have express permission from their land agent to have the RV in their camp.

Once you have submitted your payment, please complete the Camping Reservation form if you intend to stay on-site. Please note that a separate form needs to be filled out for each camper.

To reserve space for camping at War of the Wings, requests must be processed by your local Land Agent. If you are new to the SCA and do not know who your local group is, please visit the SCA Newcomer Portal at welcome.sca.org. Your local group would love to have you join them in their encampment! If you do not indicate which group you intend to camp with, you will be assigned to the Open Camping area.

If you are a Land Agent and you are not listed below or if your information is incorrect please contact the Site Steward or click here to register as a land agent for your group.

Currently Registered Land Agents

To download the Land Agent Handbook, please click here.

Barony of Black Diamond - Stefan of Cambion
Barony of Caer Mear - Rose Eileen Robertson
Barony of Hawkwood - Veronica Pasamonte
Barony of Hidden Mountain - Qulan Chaghan
Barony of Marinus - Baron Mungoe
Barony of Nottinghill Coill - Merewyn Scharp
Barony of Ponte Alto - Alric The Mad
Barony of Ravens Cove - Lochlainn hua Rigbarddain
Barony of Sacred Stone - Talorgen nepos Wrguist
Barony of Stierbach - Stefan von Kiel
Barony of Windmaster's hill - Philomene de Lys
Shire of Cathanar - Ingegerd Kastanrazi
Shire of Isenfir - Malena de Isenfir
Equestrian Camp - Bumba
Attilla's Horde - Bumba
Basket Cases - Patricia Matthis
Bog Troopers - Ursus of Anglesey
Casa del Especiero de la Cruz - Gracia Esperanca de Seville
Chastelle de Furneux - Hrefna in rauða Þorgrimsdottir
Chez de Sable - Alys d'Avignon
Clan Roanwoulfe - Talorgen nepos Wrguist
Clockmakers Guild - Eadwyn Inhold
Condottieri and Friends - Marguerite de Lyon
Corsairium - Adeliza of Bristol
Die Nacht Kinder - Ky
Great Dark Horde - Jebe Borjigin
Guild Grey - Rufus Barbarossa
Gyrfalcons Keep - Carrick Mac Manus
Honey Badger Tavern - Adelhait Fuchs
House Barra - Isabelle LaFar
House Blackspear - Aldemere Mac Rafe
House Corvus - Gisela vom Kreuzbach
House Darkspire - Wulfstan Egweald
House De Rath - William of Nunn
House of Grey - Audrey Brant
House Hawkins/Tapas Consortium - Estienne de Conde
House White Oak - Nuala ingen Magnusa
Hotel de Byram - Lofrikr Penningsmiðr
Kassar - Saunooke
Mountain's Keep - Amos the Pious
Painted Wheel - Dulcinaya the 'Gypcian
Pandemonium - Draven Archer
Petite Chapelle - Nikulai Ivanovich
Port Bang-A-Rang - Guadalupe
Squirrel Run - Allegranza Marcovaldi
Sylvan Glen - Margarita de Sienna
Teach an Cu - Kieran Hunter
Utgard Halls - Tyra Jonsdatter
Wandering Turnip Farmers - Aubelet Trapon
White Cresent - Asta Knarbringer
Woodlands - Tatiana (the woodcutter's wife)
Yorkshire Manor - Christian Thomas of York

Attendee Policies

Minor Medical Authorization

If you are bringing children with you, and are not the child's legal parent or guardian, you MUST to complete the Minor Medical Authorization Form.
Please note that you must have this form signed and notarized in order to be allowed entrance through the gate.

RV/Parking Policy

In keeping with the theme of the event, modern/mundane campers will be allowed in RV camping. Vardos, wagons, medieval houses and such can be in general camping if you purchase enough land and you have the approval of your camp steward. If you have a question on whether your vehicle will be allowed, send pictures to the autocrat and head of land.

After conversations with Yadkin County including the fire marshal, the rules on campers, vardos, etc are as follows.

If you have a detachable trailer (such as a popup or vardo) and it is not in any way connected to any internal combustion engine or generator you can put it in general camping as long as you reserve enough land for it and have approval of the group's land steward.

If you plan to use a generator or have a camper that is connected to an internal combustion engine or generator, or dont want to reserve the land for camping or do not have permission from your group's land steward then you are in the parking/RV area which may be further away.

We will try to establish a specific RV parking area.

Please note: Per the Yadkin County Fire Marshal, the only acceptable reasons for a combustion engine to enter beyond the parking area are for brief loading/unloading situations, and brief trailer drop-off/pick-up situations.